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Our Story

Our family began this journey in 1969 at the Primrose Gardens.  Primrose Gardens started as a dance hall in the 50's, and grew into an event center that focused primarily on bingo.  Primrose Gardens added a snack bar called Fran's Catering, named after the family matriarch, Francis Childs.  Gordon Childs, the family patriarch grew the business, leading to a huge deal that saw the Childs Family purchase the Oaks Inn, where they did business from 1984 until 2012.  Mark Childs and his wife, Deb, and Mark's sons Josh and Jake, opened up the Black Goose Grill in January of 2012 after leaving the Oaks Inn.

Our philosophy is simple, large portions, small prices and to provide our version of the comfort foods most of us grew up with.

We are firm believers in philanthropy.  We have many annual projects such as the Salvation Army Luncheon, the turkey dinners for the kids each Christmas,  and meals for those in need or those alone at Christmas.  Each year, we sponsor a minimum of 7 golf tournaments, WMHA, and other minor sports.  We give out over $5,000.00 each year in gift cards for fundraising events.  We donate soup daily to the local pantry, which in turn, donates it to those in need.  There's more, but you get the idea.  Put simply, we try to do our part and we encourage every restaurant out there to do the same.

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In the Kitchen

Our kitchen staff are well trained and devoted to consistency, which is key to any restaurant's success.  Our menu is classified as Canadian comfort food, featuring local favorite's such as perch and pickerel.  Broasted chicken is a huge part of our menu, as is our popular roast beef.  We provide monthly features, as well as nightly specials.  All of our food comes with a money back guarantee.

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