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Meet The Team
We have four teams at the Goose:  Cooks, Waitstaff, Prep/Counter and Dishwasher/Cleaning
Cook Team
Mark Childs, Josh Childs, Jake Childs, Anthony "AJ" DenBoer, Michelle "Mickey" Durston , Nic Atkinson, Hayden Lacy, and I'm Allen(occasionally)
Deb Thomas, Tylene  Robinson, Krista McGregor, Christine Kun, Alison Schopf, Nicole Gill,  Alyssa Falconer, Nikki Vyvey, and Hayley Lampard (retired for now).
Preps and Counter
Jeanette Authier,  Hayden Lacy, Keegan Ellis, Carlos Matos, Aubrey Shepley, and Jamie Caughy. 
Shawn O'Neil, Austin Mead, Tanner Currah, Jack Moore, and Cohen Courteaux. 
The photos below are a work in progress as we manage to obtain more pics from those reluctant.

Our Team is Currently Full

Feel free to send a resume to the address below.  You never know when our situation might changes.


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